Matthew Espinoza



Co-Founder at BlockPerks


I'm the 19 y/o co-founder and the visionary behind BlockPerks - a platform that allows creators to launch their own social token and reward their supporters with NFT's and exclusive content.

Through securing partnerships with top leaders in the crypto x blockchain space, I'm bringing the Gen-Z perspective to BlockPerks as we actively raise capital.

After $PERKS is listed on an exchange, you will then be able to buy $MATT token directly. A in-depth tutorial will be released as the countdown gets closer.

That countdown above is when the $MATT Coin will be released to the public. I recommend bookmarking this page and joining the discord community to get notified for the pre-sale 😉

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Moving to Toronto

Leaving my small town to live in a city populated with top leaders and influential people has allowed me to hone in on my skills and build my future.

The Pivot

We launched BitPerks on the Deso Blockchain reaching 350K market cap in 36 hours. We quickly got the attention of some influential leaders in the crypto space and have since secure partnerships as we actively raise capital.

failure = accelerated learnings

Oct 07 2021, 2:35 am


Private 1-1 calls with me, to talk about anything from life advice, inside
announcements, and personal development progress.

Min. 10+ coins


Those within this reward tier will be add to an exclusive group to chat
with other $MATT HODLERS with systems in place for accountability,
progress updates, and making each other the best we can be.

Min. 2+ coins


As we continue to build BlockPerks, those who invest in founder coins
(inc. $MATT coin) have deciding stake on the future updates + features on
the BlockPerks Platform

Min. 1+ coins